1114 Judson Pictures

1114 Judson Pictures of Interior

1114 Judson Ct

Cute 4 bedroom house in Ann Arbor


1114 Judson Pictures

More about 1114 Judson Ct.

This cute house is located near Church St. and has 4 bedrooms, a nice living room, dining room, kitchen, 2 baths, basement FREE laundry and 2 FREE parking spots.

There is a dishwasher in the kitchen!

Go here to see the floor plan of 1114 Judson Ct.

Living Room is on the left as you enter inside the front door.

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The Dining Room has a nice table and chair set.

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Bedroom 1 on the first floor is filled with windows and light!

[seo_gallery category=”1114 Judson” gallery=”Bedroom 1″]

Updated kitchen and 1st floor bathroom pictures are located here.


Go Up Stairs to find another bathroom and 3 bedrooms.

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Bedroom 2 is at the front of the house on the 2nd floor. It has 2 windows.

[seo_gallery category=”1114 Judson” gallery=”Bedroom 2″]

Bedroom 3 has a skylight.

[seo_gallery category=”1114 Judson” gallery=”Bedroom 3″]

Bedroom 4 is paneled and rather large.  It has windows all around and a separate exit.

[seo_gallery category=”1114 Judson” gallery=”Bedroom 4″]

2nd floor bathroom.

[seo_gallery category=”1114 Judson” gallery=”Bathroom 2″]

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