How to Rent a House

This is how you rent a house from University Places.

Read everything on this page if you want to rent a house in Ann Arbor for school next year.  It applies to most management companies even if they don’t tell you.

1.Visiting The House You Want to Rent – What’s Available

The first thing most people want to do is see the house they might want to rent.  There is a law in Ann Arbor that says landlords cannot show or lease houses until 150 days before the end of a lease that is longer than 8 months. However, we have some virtual tours! Just let us know and we’ll send you a link if possible.

How do I visit these houses that are in the 150 Day Wait Period?

First – get on the wait list so we know you are interested.

In Ann Arbor U of M students are no more than 2 friends away from knowing someone on campus.  And you can introduce yourself to anyone you meet.  So many students go up to the house they are interested in, knock on the door and ask to see the house they might want to rent.

This way you can find out about the house and ask the current residents what the landlord or management company is like before you call for an official appointment.

This is just the tradition around here and University Places is only telling you about that tradition.  We are not saying you should or should not do this. Any tenant can tell you to go away.

You’ve Seen Your House and Now You Want to Rent It.  Now What?

2. Signing and Paperwork

Call or email us and tell us you want to sign a lease.  A lease can be sent electronically.  The final signing by the landlord will be on March 22 of the year you’re signing.

If your group is serious fill out an application form for each person that wants to sign the lease.  We have the form online and we need this information to complete the lease.

Read the lease and be prepared to sign the lease as a group.

The first month’s rent is due when the lease is completed.  These payments will be set up in or a check can be dropped off at the Mail Shoppe for University Places.

Notify your parents because they will have to sign the parent guarantor form for each person on the lease.  The parent form is online also.  If your parents have any questions have them contact us. We’ll be happy to answer all questions they have.

Putting a Deposit on a House in the 150 Day Waiting Period

University Places will take a Fully Refundable Deposit on a house and move you to the top of the waiting list.  If you change your mind because your group split up, got bigger or smaller or you found a house you like better you won’t lose your money. There is always someone else waiting to get that house.

After March 22nd you have 24 hours to set a date to sign your lease.  If you do not sign the house will be offered to the public or the group with the next deposit.

What About The Wait List?

The wait list is a way for us to manage the people interested in particular houses.  To get a priority spot on the wait list please place a refundable deposit.  We will email the entire list when we know something new or if a house becomes available.

The wait list is available for of any rental year. After March 22nd any remaining houses are available to rent and don’t need a waitlist spot, just call or email.

If you don’t hear back from us feel free to contact us again. It may be that a particular house was reserved with a deposit from a motivated group and is off the market.

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