Cost for Gas & Electric

We just updated the utility usage information for our houses (10-2018).  We see that the electric bills are higher than the gas bills in all cases.  The price of gas is declining. We think that the increased use of multiple computers, TVs, cable boxes and gaming consoles that are left on 24 hours a day is increasing electrical consumption.

If you want to manage your utility costs, power down anything you are not using and turn off lights.  Use energy efficient bulbs. Close your windows in the winter. Use the storm windows in your house during the winter.  Call us if you need help with that.

Utilities Contact Information

Tenants are responsible for turning on all utilities.  Please call the utility companies at least two weeks before your scheduled move in date or you could be without power.

DTE [Gas & Electric] (800) 477-4747
Ann Arbor Water Department
(734) 994-2666
Comcast Cable (888) 266-2278
Police Department [Non-Emergency] (734) 994-2911
SBC Ameritech (800) 244-4444


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