How to Sublet Your Room or House

How to Sublet Your Room or Rental House

Subletting your apartment or room in your rental house is OK with University Places.  The agreement is between you, your roommates and your sublettor so choose carefully!

Sublet Definitions

Sublettor: Current tenant wishing to sublet his house or apartment.
Sublessee: The temporary renter subletting from the sublettor.

Below is a link to the UM Student Legal Services, topic: subletting.


  • You are responsible for any damages your sublessee may incur, plus all the rent.
  • University-Places manager needs to have the name and contact information of your sublessee.  You can use the form below or the one on the UM Student Legal Service page, link above.
  • The agreement is between you and the Sublessee.
  • You should consider requesting a security deposit from your Sublessee.
  • You should provide the Right And Duties of a Tennant to your Sublessee.

These Links go to PDF files

Guidelines for Subletting.pdf  – Older document from the University of Michigan

Sub-Lease Agreement   – found this on the web somewhere– at another college website.  I’m not claiming ownership. Use this sublet document between sublettor and sublessee.

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