Should I Close Windows During a Rain Storm?

Rain storm

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Preventing Damage From Rain Can Save You Cash

During the summer in Ann Arbor, Michigan it can get fairly warm.  Leaving the windows open, especially at night will help cool the house down.  But what if it really starts raining hard during the middle of the night?  Should you close your windows?

Some older houses have huge roof overhangs which can help keep rain out of windows during a storm.  In some rainstorms their is no wind and the rain come straight down.  In these situations it might be fine to leave the windows open.

When there is a strong breeze or wind and the rain is obviously coming into the window you probably should shut them tight.  If water gets into the house or on the sill, please dry off the water and soak up any puddles on the floor or carpet.

If you have trouble drying out your house after a rain storm call your landlord for help.  Drying the house can prevent water damages that you will have to pay for if the situation is neglected.  Your landlord has resources to help in all kinds of situations and wants to help you maintain your rental house for your enjoyment and also for the next person that lives there.

Also if you notice any fallen trees, downspouts or gutters that are not working correctly your landlord wants to know and will be very great-full for the information.

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